First United Methodist Church of Ravenna

 263 S Prospect St. Ravenna, Ohio, 44266

Our Mission: To make new disciples of Jesus Christ
for the transformation of the world.
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Sr. High Youth

Looking for a friendly climate? You're invited (and don't forget to bring a friend!)

Our Youth director is John Parker. John hopes to facilitate youth as they
direct activities and meetings to learn more about relationships.
Jesus words, actions, and parables, will be the guide.
The old testament will add reality as we watch real common people,
do extrodinary things when their faith is cultivated.
And it's so exciting to realize that other than technology,
all of the human condition remains the same today, as it was yesterday.
Come to a Sunday worship service, or arrange an appointment today.
Cookie baking Dec 16, 2011 Jr. High Caroling at Prospect House Dec. 22, 2011.
Upcoming Youth Events

Click on these links for the most current information!!!!!

Current 3 Month Calender: Jan Feb Mar 2012, 3 column, grade 6-12 calender.docx

NEXT IGNITE. Feb 5 530p-8p

at Life Pointe Church in Atwater.


This outing brings together youth from area churches to lead worship services together.
Keep your eyes on the calendar to see when we will be attending.

This day was fantastic!!!!!!!! Families were invited!!!!
"Horsing Around 40, Fall 2011!!!!!!!!!!!
Come make the 2012 Famine special with your participation!!!

Feb 2011 30 Hour Famine Team!!!!!!!!!!! Sign up now for Feb. 24 & 25 2012
"Giving it up"

Echoing Hills 2011 Team

Crossroads Marion Va 2011 Team

Sunday School, "GotText", in the Upper Room.

The Upper Room is:

- a SAFE place to learn about the relevance in your life of the Father and Son's for you.

- Located on the 3rd floor of the Ravenna FUMC.


Who is HE? Why did HE come? What's the cost of HIS call? And the rewards?

Where ever you are with these answers, there is always more to learn.

Come and let's walk together.

We meet weekly between our Traditional and Contemporary services (9:45 - 10:45 AM) each Sunday. John and Jane emphasize to students how THE Word (and words that come up in their life this week) can lead them in their every day lives. Students utilize their own Bibles, its concordance and Strong's, to find referenced verses, which expand their awareness of HIS message to them from their own "word from their week" Keep it simple, show me is the attempted method of mutual Christian education. And we strive to always promote "Fair Play" in all our endeavors.

Activities and Outings, "Send522"
Our scheduled activity in on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month at 6:30 PM. (Unless otherwise scheduled)
We will be waiting for you in the Upper Room! Watch the Sunday bulletin and web calendar for updates and additional information. See pictures above of some recent outings!!!!

Canal District Events: Watch for details of Fall and Winter Events.

Now through Mid November, help with Leaves!

Try out our new back pack leaf blower, wow!!

East Ohio Conference (EOC) Events:

Local: Dec & Jan Dec 16 "Great Cookie" bakeoff!!!!!!!!!!!

Progressive field "Snow Days"?????????????

Local Sledding, Lock Skate in Akron?

Feb 2nd annual, Akron U Lockdown fun night!!!

Feb 24-25 30 Hour "Give it up"

(World Vison 30 hour Famine and Local Missions.)

EOC: Spring Event. Usually March. Watch for details.

June 15-16 Youth Annual Conference (YAC)

and Lakeside Institute. (Watch for June dates)

July Echoing Hills and Marion Virgina trips?

To show the joy of learning, serving, and accepting God Check out the different Local Missions and Global Missions available through our church, all while learning more about Jesus, His Gospel and His Saving Grace. We serve an AWESOME GOD, what a better way to serve him then by volunteering at

Camp Echoing Hills (Summer 2012), a special needs camp for people of all ages. If you are handy with your hands, or even if you aren't, join us during our Project Crossroads Trip to Marion Va.,

Summer 2012 ), where we help others with construction projects. Most importantly, you are witnessing, and sharing our Lord, Jesus Christ with people you meet. Please review the links above to see these and other missions available at the Ravenna FUMC.

Make sure to check out the NEW Conference Website for further information.

Other important links for you to check out.
Please click on each individual link to open the forms!

Sr. Youth lead, 2011 Generations singing schedule.xlsx