First United Methodist Church of Ravenna

 263 S Prospect St. Ravenna, Ohio, 44266

Our Mission: To make new disciples of Jesus Christ
for the transformation of the world.
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STRONG ARMS: Men's Fellowship

Mission: We wish to offer a receptive environment for all men to increase their Christian wisdom about loving relationships.

That would include friends, spouses, children, grand children, bosses, peers, and subordinates. (Love one another)

Then with this wisdom and their own God given talents, share that(the love of Jesus) with others in our daily lives.

Although words are important, we know "Actions speak louder than words" Keep it simple, show me!!

With our efforts focused on Jesus, we are confident "God will open blind eyes"

Strategy: We hope to accomplish our mission by studying the "Word".Then assist each other as we continually try to implement the word into the fabric of our daily lives at home, work, play, and worship. We know we fall short in many areas, yet we are committed to helping each other diligently "Press toward the mark...... " (Phil:3:14) Promote "Fair Play" in all our endeavors.

Tactics: We currently offer the areas below for worship, fellowship, service, and study, to all interested men:

We are currently looking for 1st Saturday "sharing programs"

*****Let us know when we can schedule a "Home and Home" exchange program with the men of your church.*******

Thursday, weekly, 630a-730a Bible Study with Dr. Jay Richardson. Continually since 1988!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Bill helps many times when Dr. Jay is unavailable. Around Mark 13, May.

1st Saturday Fellowship. 730a-9a. Usually in Fellowship Hall with a breakfast and program.

Annually, usually help with Easter Sunrise Service breakfast, and Fall Rally Day 1st Sunday Meal.

UPCOMING Fall 2012 EVENTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rotating Monthly Team Events.

Overview Plan: 2012 Ravenna FUMC Fellowship Planning Outline.docx

Mens_schedule_planning_Dec 2011-Jan 2013.xls

2012 Team Captains: John P, Jerry C., Steve D., Dave R., Steve W., Hank G., Jack C., Jim M.,

Don R., Reg R., Marvin H.

(Watch for letter )

2012 Men's schedule planning Captain's letter.docx

2012 Team Members: Paul K., Tom H., Jerry F., Pastor Steve, George D., Franklin G.,

Jimmy D., Jeff A., E. J., Vic M., Wesley & Ryan, Rob D.,

Jay R., Bob C., John S., Bill L., Tate G., Gerry K.,

Patrick W., Dan B., Bob C., John P., Jeff G., Paul V.,

Harold K., Gary K., George C., Dick B., Leroy G., John B.,

Bob A., Tom N., Mike Si., Bob S., DeWayne S., Mike Sm

(Watch for letter )

2012 Men's schedule planning Team Member letter.docx

Any member, or regular attender, or community male resident who desires to be a team member,

please contact the church office and we will assist in adding you to a monthly team.

Back row: Jim & Vern, 3rd row, Dave & Reg, 2nd row, Hank, Jerry, John P, Jay, Bob, 1st row, Lon, George, John s, Red.


March 5th Red Postlewaite & Doug McGee (Brady Lake UMC) will share the

march 5th 8a program in Fellowship Hall. (Continental Breakfast sserved)

Brady Lake men. "Introducing a freind or stranger to Jesus"


See attachment for months leader plan thru Oct 2011.

April 2nd Vern Glenn will share "Old Car" tales and a breakfast.

Interested in a Apr 9-10 Indiana Bus trip. See Vern for details.

May 7 Breakfast road trip. Meet at church back doors at 8a. 4 went to Peg's/Ravenna.

May 8 All men invited to sing to their mothers on mothers day.

We'll practice on May 1 @ 930a and 1045a.

Then we'll sing in both services on May 8. See bulletin for specifics.

This was great VERN! And well supported from both services!!!!!!!

June 4 Rich Rufener had breakfast and program in Fellowship Hall 8a (We began at 730a)

Captain Video and more History.....

Nick Dudak also presented Local Dairy bottles/caps & history.

20 attended. Thanks to all. Cathy's breakfast was terrific too.

Jul 17-23 Marion Va Mission. 3 adults and 3 Teens went!! Great!!

Aug 6 ********************New Interim Pastor Marvin Brown will speak at 8a/6Aug in Fellowship Hall

Light breakfast provided. Early coffee and fellowship helpers at 715ish..

Sept 3 Jack Chambers, "That reminds me of a story about?", has the program this month.

Sept 11-17 Henderson KY Mission. Reg, Dave, Vern, Ed, and John S went.

Oct 1 Reg Riddle has the program this month. Machine shop and Motorcycles!!!

Nov 5 Lon Stahly honoring Veterans.

Dec 5 Men's Bible Study Christmas Dinner.

22 630a Men's Bible Study Christmas Breakfast at Rootstown Cracker Barrel

Jan 7, 2012 Years Plans, Ramps to build, Waffles/meat and more. Fellowship Hall 9a.

(Early help alwasy welcome, NOTE LATER TIME TODAY!)

Feb 4, 2012 Jerry Cross Team "Auctions with God's help"

Back Row. Men in our choir practice every Wednesday evening at 7:30 pm, and sing mostly at 8:30 am service on Sundays.

(See Mike, Duane, Jerry, Harold, or Don.

Helpful Hands. See the trustees for fellowship, fun, and a 1917 building always happy for TLC. (Tender Loving Care)

Roofing, heating, electric, plumbing, and much more.

(See Ed, John S., Don, Carl, Dave R., Reg, for more info)

Ushers. OK, not all men, but for now mostly men, and this group is always ready to welcome more help.

(See Jack, Dave, Gerry, Ray, Dr. J for more info)

Checkers or KSU athletics. See George Dunckel

Finally. Your interest and schedule, can help you, other men, and the church. Let us know what's on your mind.

We're looking for leadership help............

PS. We can always use more TECH help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (See Bob Steiner or Dan Beutler for more info)

Contact the Pastor, Dr. Jay, or myself for more information. You're invited!!!! John Parker